Ville and his ultimate goal

Ville Lång is one of most successful players of the Badminton Europe Circuit (Photo: Badmintonphoto)
'I had only one tough match against Dicky [Palyama] in semifinals' 

Ville Lång is one of most successful players of the Badminton Europe Circuit. The Finnish number one secured his 11th international title at last week's Norwegian International. We spoke to the 26-year old from Lathi about the success in Oslo, his next tournaments and he reveals his "ultimate goal".

Ville Lang

Ville, first of all congratulations for winning the Norwegian International! To take the title you had to survive a couple of close matches. Would you agree?

Well, I would say that I had mentally tough matches on Friday and on Sunday in the final, but physically I had only one tough match against Dicky [Palyama] in semifinals. It didn't look that good after the second set for me - and I think even my coach and co-coach [Eetu Heino] didn't believe I could win that match.

Who was the toughest opponent?

I think I was really close in losing in the second round against Ukrainian Valeriy Atraschenko - so in that matter he was toughest player there. But in the end I had to play my absolute best badminton to be able to beat Dicky.

In the finals against Holst, you have lost the opening match. But then all of a sudden you have been so much in control ...

In the final I didn't play the game which suits me best and that's why Emil got the better off me. Fortunately I got the idea of the game again – going with that into the second game and the end was rather easy.

What are your next tournaments?

I will play the tournaments Irish International, Italian International and Turkey International.

Last question: For many Europeans, the European Championships 2012 will be a highlight of the year. What would you like to achieve in Karlskrona?

My ultimate goal at the European Championships is to get a medal. It can't be much more and nothing less!


Thanks for the interview.

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Source: Badminton Europe

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